Career Planning


XELLO is an interactive academic and career planning website that students can log onto at school and at home through their high school Clever account. On this XELLO site, students have the opportunity to take multiple assessments which include both interests & skills, personality styles, and learning styles that will then match the student with suitable careers based off of their results. Students also have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of careers throughout the 16 career clusters, research post secondary institutions such as technical colleges and 4-year colleges/universities along with specific majors/programs of interest. XELLO is an excellent resource for academic and career planning.


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Path
Architecture & Construction Career Path
Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications Career Path
Business Management & Administration Career Path
Education & Training Career Path
Finance Career Path
Government & Public Administration Career Path
Health Science Career Path
Hospitality & Tourism Career Path
Human Services Career Path
Information Technology Career Path
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Path
Manufacturing Career Path
Marketing Career Path
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Career Path
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Path


Inspire Wisconsin

Inspire Wisconsin is a website that allows students to connect with a variety of businesses throughout the Fox Valley region all the way over to the Sheboygan Area region. The site provides several different career-based learning opportunities amongst the 16 career clusters including the opportunity to participate in a 30 minute career experience event or a more lengthy opportunity such as a job shadow. These are unique opportunities for students to observe, interact and participate with individuals in a career related to the student's interest.

Job Shadow Permission Slip


Speakers volunteer to come to the high school to talk in person or utilize a virtual platform to engage interested students about their careers. Students sign up to hear the presentations and are able to hear first-hand information from someone who actually has experience in that area. Volunteer career speakers are always welcome and encouraged to visit the high school.


Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a school-to-work based program that is designed for students to gain invaluable experience in the working field related to the student's career pathway of interest. The Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator builds a partnership with businesses  interested in hiring on a high school youth apprentice 16 years of age or older who will work with an onsite mentor to help the youth apprentice build the skills necessary to work on the job. The student is required to complete a minimum of 450 working hours at each level of the program as well as take two semesters of related coursework instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will earn elective high school credit.